Friday, January 21, 2011

what I want right now is to spend all of my money at Madewell

What I want right now? Pretty much everything at Madewell.

                                the voyager suede duffel bag
                                the explorer cardigan
                                the belltower trench
                                the leather sandstorm boot
                                the scholar satchel
                                the cadet cardigan

Thursday, January 20, 2011

re-blog: Pantone Chip Cookies via Design Sponge

[ Pantone Chip Cookies by Kim Neill re-blogged from Design Sponge ]

                            Just genius.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

re-blog: Lemon Cream Sauce with Kale and Peas

[ Lemon Cream Sauce with Kale and Peas by Katie at the Kitchen Door via TasteSpotting ]

Kevin and I have some delicious homemade burrito bowls planned for dinner tonight, but the photo below makes me want to put away the avocados <gasp> and cook this amazing looking dish.

just discovered: Morgan and Lua

Last night I discovered Morgan and Lua thanks to Kim at eat.sleep.wear., and I'm just floored. I'm particularly in love with the relaxed outfit featured in this blog post.

This is clearly how I need to start wearing my cropped pants in colder temperatures. Someone send me a link to some chic mid-heeled booties. ASAP.

re-blog: Kirath Ghundoo wallpaper via Design Sponge

[ wallpaper by Kirath Ghundoo re-blogged from Design Sponge ]

                                    I WANT I WANT I WANT

Saturday, January 8, 2011

re-blog: Hilda Grahnat photography via Freshly Blended

[ Hilda Grahnat photography re-blogged from Freshly Blended ]

                                    Gorgeous, right?

winter favorites: vol. I

Winter has officially been upon us for quite some time now, and my outfits have become totally lackluster. There is tons of inspiration available, though. The following photos are my favorite style blog posts from last week.

photo one: Jen Loves Kev / photo two: Jen Loves Kev

photo three: Fancy Fine / photo four: Refinery29

photo five: eat.sleep.wear. / photo six: eat.sleep.wear.

photo seven: Keiko Lynn / photo eight: Keiko Lynn

what I want right now: this skirt

Right now I'm imagining wearing this skirt from the Gap with black tights, black patent oxford heels, and a big statement necklace.

CaliVintage wears it in this recent blog post, and I'm pretty sure that Jen Loves Kev is wearing it in this blog post as well.

speaking of my lovely boyfriend

Speaking of my lovely boyfriend, you should also check out his blog.
Maybe if we send enough traffic his way, he'll be motivated to post more.

P.S. I made that scarf.

meet Kweli, otherwise known as Meepy

Come on, admit it.  Kevin and I have the cutest cat ever.

Angela + Jordan forever

Can we just talk for a minute about how much I love Angela Chase's wardrobe?
Mixed prints, layers, chunky knits, combat boots -- I want it all.
And Jordan Catalano, please.

sibling love

You know how I mentioned my sister, Hannah? Check her out at Closet Space. She's totes adorbs.

a librarian's nightmare

I took this photo during a trip to Copenhagen in the spring of 2009 to visit my amazing sister, Hannah. The bookshelf was located in the one of the cutest little restaurants that I've ever seen. And while my minor OCD is deeply disturbed by the idea of arranging one's library by color, I love this photo, and whenever I see it, I just want to re-decorate my entire apartment.

mandatory intro

Hello, all.

My name is Samara, and this is my blog. It's like my bulletin board: a place where I'll post about whatever is currently inspiring me -- fashion, food, music, art, design, whatever.

And probably only my little sister will read it.