Saturday, January 8, 2011

winter favorites: vol. I

Winter has officially been upon us for quite some time now, and my outfits have become totally lackluster. There is tons of inspiration available, though. The following photos are my favorite style blog posts from last week.

photo one: Jen Loves Kev / photo two: Jen Loves Kev

photo three: Fancy Fine / photo four: Refinery29

photo five: eat.sleep.wear. / photo six: eat.sleep.wear.

photo seven: Keiko Lynn / photo eight: Keiko Lynn


  1. love all these girls!! great style :)

  2. It's wrong how much i love capes. I wear them in the freezing cold with elbow length gloves. It sort of keeps me warm haha.

  3. A cape/glove combo may be impractical for lower temperatures, but it's SO cute. I don't blame you for wearing yours in the freezing cold, Anna.