Sunday, February 27, 2011

the Hasbeens obsession continues

The red Swedish Hasbeens that I was lucky enough to snag for $74.99 at Modcloth just before they sold out have officially arrived, and they are AMAZING.  They are incredibly comfortable and truly easy to walk in, even for someone as heel-challenged as myself.  I literally cannot wait to wear them.  And as usual, the wheels in my head are already spinning, trying to figure out how I can start up a fund for a pair in another color -- Black?  Nature?  Okay, I should stop getting ahead of myself.  Let's try to focus on the pair that I already own, shall we?

As I've never really had a pair of brightly colored shoes in my closet before, I think that my initial attempt at styling these gorgeous t-strap clogs will be similar to the outfit that Erin of Calivintage wore in this blog post from November.  Well, minus the straw hat.  And let's not lie to ourselves -- there will most likely be a scarf involved.  See below for a photo from Erin's post that I'm using as inspiration.

[ Footnotes ]
1.  They disappeared quickly at Modcloth, especially once they went on sale, but you can still get your hands on a pair in this particular color (albeit for full price) at Endless.
2.  Kevin's reaction: "much better than those other new shoes" -- thus confirming my suspicion that these booties probably qualify as man-repeller-chic.  I'm still not sure what he'll think of these floral saddle shoes, though.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

winter favorites: vol. II (February edition)

[ from The Locals ]
I know I said that I was going to make a concerted effort to stop depending so heavily on scarves to add interest to my outfits, but after seeing the photo above, I'm seriously coveting this similar style at Madewell (as well as that super cute knit hat).  What are your thoughts?  Is a faux fur cowl too much?  (And if not: brown or black?)

Wouldn't this be the most perfect casual Sunday brunch outfit?  I'm particularly smitten with Liz's leopard print bag from Forever 21, especially after seeing a photo on Refinery29 of the consistently inspiring Jenna Lyons carrying a leopard print bag during NYFW.  Liz's purse appears to be sold out online -- if it was ever even there to begin with -- so although I find F21 stores to be overwhelming and a little chaotic, I think I may have to bite the bullet and visit one or two of the nearby locations. 

After seeing this skirt from H&M make appearances on a number of my favorite style blogs over the past couple of weeks (first on My Style Pill, next on Keiko Lynn, and then on Eat Sleep Wear), I've been attempting of course to hunt one down for myself in the DC/MD/VA area.  No luck just yet, but I haven't quite given up hope....

[ from My Style Pill ]
Leopard print, olive green, navy stripes, AND an oversized watch?  SWOON.

how much do you want this coat?!

How much do you want this coat?!

Tommy Long Coat from TenOverSix
[ re-blogged from The House That Lars Built ]

Friday, February 25, 2011

rainy day footwear

Women's Classic Duck Boots: $69.50 at Lands' End

I know that tons of people swear by their Hunter wellies on rainy days, and I've spent much time this past year trying to decide whether or not to splurge and get myself a pair, but I've never been able to actually follow through and drop $100+ dollars on a pair of their rubber boots.  Months into this never-ending debate, I randomly came across a pretty phenomenal discount on these duck boots from Lands' End through Lucky Magazine -- we're talking 50% off and free shipping -- so I took a chance, and I now consider them to be one of the best purchases that I've made this winter.  I used to be the kind of person that was never prepared for messy weather and would often let a few rain drops totally sour my mood, but I actually like wearing these boots enough that I temporarily forget about the fact that the rain is ruining any chance I might have at a good hair day.

Disclaimer: If you decide to purchase a pair of these duck boots (or anything else) from Lands' End, please please please, do not do it without searching for a promo code first. 

Sunday, February 20, 2011

in case you were wondering

In case you were wondering, this is what I look like on an average day.

I'm really trying to work up the nerve to post my own outfit photos on this blog, in part because I'm hoping that it will motivate me to put a little more effort and thought into what I'm wearing when I leave the house each morning.  (An example to demonstrate the depth of the fashion rut that I've fallen into: I would estimate that within the past six months, I have probably spent only a handful of days NOT wearing a cardigan/tunic/scarf combo.  Sometimes I even wear the same cardigan for multiple days in a row.  It's pathetic.)

One of the reasons that I fell into this rut, I think, is that I work in an office where I can get away with being seriously casual.  A larger problem, though, is that I literally own dozens and dozens of scarves -- all joking aside, I think I actually own more scarves than pairs of underwear or socks -- and I've somehow convinced myself that if I just change my scarf everyday, I can distract people from noticing that I'm essentially wearing the same outfit every time they see me.  But look, I realize that this is undeniably weak logic, and I also realize that a scarf is not a styling tool that makes much sense as we move out of winter and temperatures inevitably start to rise.  I'd really prefer to break this habit before it hits 80 degrees and I'm still wearing a scarf and cardigan, pretending not to sweat.

Unfortunately, like a lot of people -- and this is the other reason why I'd like to start posting outfit photos -- I have trouble looking at photos of myself objectively and tend to avoid having my picture taken.  But I really want to just let go of my insecurities and stop fearing being in front of the lens, so I promise, there's a real outfit post coming soon.  In the meantime, in case you were wondering what I look like while I'm lusting over floral saddle shoes and avocado frozen yogurt, this is pretty much it.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Rachel Antonoff for Bass

photo credit: provided by Bass for the Cut

Ever since December 14th, this post on the Cut about the Spring 2011 collaboration between Rachel Antonoff has been starred in my Google reader.  I've been lusting after the floral saddle shoes (second from the left in the above photo) and debating whether I have the confidence to pull them off.

I never read anything about when the collection would be hitting stores, so I was a bit surprised when I unintentionally stumbled across the very pair I was coveting at Free People.  Actually, to be honest, a mild panic set in.  When did they come out?  How soon will they sell out?  OMG, wait -- wasn't there a heeled version?  Are they already sold out?!

Look, I have no idea what I'm going to wear them with, and I couldn't possibly convince anyone (including myself) that I need more shoes, but I just don't care.  I love these shoes.  And I promise, Hannah, that I won't wear them with frilly little socks.

P.S. For a brief glimpse of the super cuteness that is Rachel Antonoff, go to this post by the Clothes Horse.  She has a lovely video of Antonoff's Fall/Winter 2011 NYFW show.

I love my shoes today.

Jellypop Jayne Bootie: $49.95 at DSW

Kevin's reaction: "Um, whoa.  I guess they're stylish?"

Thursday, February 10, 2011

just discovered: the Keep Calm Gallery

Design Sponge is hands down one of my favorite blogs.  Their "Why, Thank You" post on Tuesday introduced me to the Keep Calm Gallery, established in 2007 by Hayley Thwaites and Lucas Lepola, and I am just completely smitten.  Fortunately, because I never really followed through in decorating my current apartment, I was able to easily rationalize picking up the three prints featured below.

I wanted to buy so much more -- I mean, seriously, how cute is this "Hello" notecard pack? -- but I tried to restrain myself.  I haven't won the lottery just yet or anything.

However, although I'm not a millionaire, I do consider myself to be very lucky, because aside from being a wonderful partner in so many other ways, Kevin essentially leaves all of the decorating up to me and doesn't seem to mind my penchant for things like '70s style floral prints and typography.  My only debate right now is whether I want to put "You Look Lovely Today" in the bedroom or in the bathroom.  (I'm leaning towards the bedroom, simply because our bathroom has a long way to go before it could be considered presentable.  Really.  It's not a pretty sight.)

Before I put any of the prints out on display, I would like to see if I can find some suitable frames for them.  "You Look Lovely Today" is sized at 8"x10", which should make it easy for me to find a frame that I like.  I am admittedly not the best thrift-store-shopper, patience not being one of my strong suits, but I think the local consignment shops will be a good starting point for this one.  The other two prints, though, have unusual dimensions that may require me to go the custom framing route.  If anyone has ever endeavored to make their own frames or can direct me to a good tutorial, I'd love to hear about it.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I need $764 immediately.

Damn you, Calivintage.  Thanks to this blog post, I need $764 immediately.

Swedish Hasbeens Combat Boot (in military green) -- $425

Having just recently bought a pair of "low road" combat boots from Madewell (amateur personal photos of said boots and other recent purchases to be posted soon, I promise), I have no place shopping for any more shoes -- especially boots that make Kevin look at me like I've lost my mind -- nor am I delusional enough to think that I can afford these.  Maybe when the Swedish Hasbeens collaboration with H&M comes out this Spring, I'll be able to justify getting a pair from that collection... if I can manage to snag any of them before they inevitably sell out within hours of their arrival in stores, that is.  In the meantime, I suppose I'll continue to drool over these and fantasize about winning the lottery or something.