Sunday, February 27, 2011

the Hasbeens obsession continues

The red Swedish Hasbeens that I was lucky enough to snag for $74.99 at Modcloth just before they sold out have officially arrived, and they are AMAZING.  They are incredibly comfortable and truly easy to walk in, even for someone as heel-challenged as myself.  I literally cannot wait to wear them.  And as usual, the wheels in my head are already spinning, trying to figure out how I can start up a fund for a pair in another color -- Black?  Nature?  Okay, I should stop getting ahead of myself.  Let's try to focus on the pair that I already own, shall we?

As I've never really had a pair of brightly colored shoes in my closet before, I think that my initial attempt at styling these gorgeous t-strap clogs will be similar to the outfit that Erin of Calivintage wore in this blog post from November.  Well, minus the straw hat.  And let's not lie to ourselves -- there will most likely be a scarf involved.  See below for a photo from Erin's post that I'm using as inspiration.

[ Footnotes ]
1.  They disappeared quickly at Modcloth, especially once they went on sale, but you can still get your hands on a pair in this particular color (albeit for full price) at Endless.
2.  Kevin's reaction: "much better than those other new shoes" -- thus confirming my suspicion that these booties probably qualify as man-repeller-chic.  I'm still not sure what he'll think of these floral saddle shoes, though.


  1. So i did not end up buying the super cute clogs you got, but i do hold you a smidge responsible for the late night ipad shop i just did on modcloth.

  2. I will totally take responsibility for your shopping spree at Modcloth.