Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Rachel Antonoff for Bass

photo credit: provided by Bass for the Cut

Ever since December 14th, this post on the Cut about the Spring 2011 collaboration between Rachel Antonoff has been starred in my Google reader.  I've been lusting after the floral saddle shoes (second from the left in the above photo) and debating whether I have the confidence to pull them off.

I never read anything about when the collection would be hitting stores, so I was a bit surprised when I unintentionally stumbled across the very pair I was coveting at Free People.  Actually, to be honest, a mild panic set in.  When did they come out?  How soon will they sell out?  OMG, wait -- wasn't there a heeled version?  Are they already sold out?!

Look, I have no idea what I'm going to wear them with, and I couldn't possibly convince anyone (including myself) that I need more shoes, but I just don't care.  I love these shoes.  And I promise, Hannah, that I won't wear them with frilly little socks.

P.S. For a brief glimpse of the super cuteness that is Rachel Antonoff, go to this post by the Clothes Horse.  She has a lovely video of Antonoff's Fall/Winter 2011 NYFW show.

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