Monday, July 29, 2013

summer reading list: vol. II

(alternate title for this list: the only three books I managed to read in July)

If you're not already familiar with Oxford's twitter feed, please trust me when I say you should be. And also, read this book.

Beautiful Ruins // by Jess Walter
I mentioned in a previous post that I devoured this book in just one day and I was not exaggerating. It's a serious page-turner. I know you've already seen it on a ton of summer reading lists, but if you have yet to add it to your must-read list, you should definitely reconsider.

A Game of Thrones // by George R.R. Martin
I cannot stomach this show. I just can't. But it kills me that everyone is always talking about it and I have nothing to say, so I came up with a solution: read the book(s). I can't quite decide if I think Martin is a talented storyteller, a 13-year-old boy masquerading as a much older man, or just a complete asshole, but now at least I understand most of season one. I think.

Friday, July 26, 2013

friday links

watched this trailer more times than I'd care to admit
can't stop listening to this song
bookmarked this recipe to make for dinner next week
must find a way to get my hands on this book
resisted the urge to buy these sunglasses
(sadly, eyewear does not fall under the category of groceries or gas)

Thursday, July 25, 2013

testing my resolve

'Anneke' studded heel // Sole Society // $59.95

Last week I got all serious and decided that until my current credit card bill is paid off, I will not spend money on anything but groceries and gas. I unsubscribed myself from practically every email list that might test my resolve, returned a dress that I bought for our trip to Kauai but never wore, and stopped compulsively checking Madewell's website every morning before leaving for work. But guys, I totally need these shoes, right? Right? Ugh. Damn you, Hitha.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

[late] friday links

couldn't put this novel by Jess Walter down last Saturday and am now anxious to read this one
started using this genius iPhone app to create a shared grocery list
loved this behind the scenes look at Edible Perspective's photography process
dying to try this Chunky Monkey "ice cream" bon bons recipe from Nom Nom Paleo
why must this silk shirt dress be so far outside my price range?

Friday, July 19, 2013

snapshots from Kauai (the garden island)

As promised: snapshots from our belated honeymoon in Kauai. I limited it to ten. (You're welcome.)

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

lessons learned in Kauai

(and while traveling to and from)

number one: I may not actually like hiking. I mean, at least not as much as I want to.

number two: I love fish tacos. Love love love. And macadamia nut ice cream. However, I remain ambivalent about sushi, much to K's dismay.

number three: Why does everyone and their mother seem to think that they deserve to de-board the plane before everybody else? (Okay, this is more of an observation than a lesson, but still.)

number four: One super cute dress is all you need, even if your vacation is a full week long. Fine, maybe two dresses. But not three and definitely not four.

number five: Nothing destroys a pedicure as well as wet sand in your sneakers at the end of an eight mile hike. At least my shoes survived.

number six: Apparently there's a right way to apply sunscreen (patting it in) and a wrong way to apply sunscreen (rubbing it in). 

number seven: Sandals are not optional on Ke'e beach. Trust me. Hottest. Sand. Ever.

number eight: Guacamole is a totally legitimate breakfast food.

number nine: Rats are nocturnal; mongooses are not.

number ten: When housekeeping asks if you'd like turndown service, say yes. Turning down free chocolate is just dumb.

Pretty photos to come!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

belated honeymoon essential #7: the cover-up

rainbow mini cover-up dress // Mara Hoffman // $264

I die for Mara Hoffman prints and the one on this cover-up is no exception. Totally honeymoon-worthy, right? And how perfect would it look with the Panama hat I posted yesterday? I know it's a splurge but there has to be some way to convince K that this is a necessary purchase. (Suggestions welcome.)

Monday, July 1, 2013

belated honeymoon essential #6: the Panama hat

Panama hat // JCrew // $58

I honestly don't understand how other women manage to have such normal-looking hair in the summer. As soon as I step out of my house, my naturally wavy hair turns into some kind of Medusa-esque monstrosity. Truly, "frizzy" doesn't even begin to cover it. Fortunately, warm weather is also a perfect excuse to wear a Panama hat. I'm hoping that this version from JCrew will fool everyone in Kauai into thinking that I'm super stylish rather than just super lazy about personal grooming.