Wednesday, July 17, 2013

lessons learned in Kauai

(and while traveling to and from)

number one: I may not actually like hiking. I mean, at least not as much as I want to.

number two: I love fish tacos. Love love love. And macadamia nut ice cream. However, I remain ambivalent about sushi, much to K's dismay.

number three: Why does everyone and their mother seem to think that they deserve to de-board the plane before everybody else? (Okay, this is more of an observation than a lesson, but still.)

number four: One super cute dress is all you need, even if your vacation is a full week long. Fine, maybe two dresses. But not three and definitely not four.

number five: Nothing destroys a pedicure as well as wet sand in your sneakers at the end of an eight mile hike. At least my shoes survived.

number six: Apparently there's a right way to apply sunscreen (patting it in) and a wrong way to apply sunscreen (rubbing it in). 

number seven: Sandals are not optional on Ke'e beach. Trust me. Hottest. Sand. Ever.

number eight: Guacamole is a totally legitimate breakfast food.

number nine: Rats are nocturnal; mongooses are not.

number ten: When housekeeping asks if you'd like turndown service, say yes. Turning down free chocolate is just dumb.

Pretty photos to come!

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