Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I need $764 immediately.

Damn you, Calivintage.  Thanks to this blog post, I need $764 immediately.

Swedish Hasbeens Combat Boot (in military green) -- $425

Having just recently bought a pair of "low road" combat boots from Madewell (amateur personal photos of said boots and other recent purchases to be posted soon, I promise), I have no place shopping for any more shoes -- especially boots that make Kevin look at me like I've lost my mind -- nor am I delusional enough to think that I can afford these.  Maybe when the Swedish Hasbeens collaboration with H&M comes out this Spring, I'll be able to justify getting a pair from that collection... if I can manage to snag any of them before they inevitably sell out within hours of their arrival in stores, that is.  In the meantime, I suppose I'll continue to drool over these and fantasize about winning the lottery or something.

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