Tuesday, September 25, 2012

saturday/sunday snapshots

a few glasses of red wine

procrastinating on Saturday afternoon

running errands on Sunday morning

not pictured: dark chocolate peanut butter cups from Trader Joe's, fresh bagels, several episodes of Gossip Girl, two ugly blisters from breaking in my new loafers


  1. can I have that bag, please? :)


  2. paahahah. I laughed out loud at your "not pictured" section. I feel like EVERY photo should have that disclaimer. Isn't what's not pictured always so much more intriguing than what is? And if not intriguing, than at least embarrassingly amusing.

    And when are peanut butter cups ever NOT not pictured? hahah

    You are a SERIOUSLY good photographer. I bet you could make anything look epically gorgeous. The wine, the magazings, the bag - they all look like modern art that should be hanging on a wall! Iwould seriously commission you to take pictures of every day objects for my apartment. You're that good. DO you do shoes? I love shoes.

    And I didn't know Elle had a "Decor" magazine. I'll have to check that out. Always in search of some good wholesome procrastination vices.

    Awesome blog. Glad I found it.