Wednesday, May 11, 2011

faux snakeskin

I've had snakeskin shoes on the brain, and I happened to spot these gorgeous things in the window display of an ALDO store while running errands a couple of weeks ago. Somehow I had never been inside an ALDO store before, which is just bizarre, right? They had tons of cute stuff, but I was focused on this pair like a hawk, and lucky me -- they were on sale for $39.99! If there had been any prior hesitation -- which there wasn't -- the price would have convinced me. They didn't actually have my size in the store, but Lisa (the lovely salesperson who was assisting me) was able to order them in the correct size and have them shipped directly to my doorstep without any extra costs or shipping fees. Thank you, Lisa, for being so helpful and for pretending not to notice that it took ten humiliating and painful minutes for me to pry that size 5 ring from my size 7 finger before putting it back in the jewelry display case. I owe you one.


  1. hahaha, i forgot about the ring incident! a good thing came of it, though! those shoes! glorious shoes!

  2. Cute !

  3. Love, love, love them. I love touches of snake print. I have to admit though I saw a girl in snake print jeans and felt a little jelly of them. Just a little....that's a whole lot of print.

  4. Refinery 29 actually just had a post today about how snake print is the new leopard print. Not sure I'm quite ready to give up my leopard print just yet, but I welcome snake print with open arms.

    BTW, snakeprint jeans?! Oh my.