Wednesday, April 13, 2011

should I have bought this bag?

Obviously this is a total Proenza Schouler PS1 rip-off, but since I can’t in any conceivable way afford the real thing, I’m thinking that I probably should have picked one of these up for myself during my most recent Tar-jay trip.  I carried one around the store for literally 45 minutes before putting it back on the shelf and buying everything else in my little red basket.  Unfortunately, they're now sold out online in every color, and I'm kicking myself.  Should I go back tomorrow?


  1. I have the "cognac" one. I recently bought it at Target because it was on sale for 24.99. My friend got the Olive one. So far I love it. Its big enough for me to store my usual items + my dslr. know if it will withstand the test of time.. ive only had it for a week at most.