Sunday, April 24, 2011

weekend wish list

(all available at Free People)
top left: Havana Sandal
bottom left: Dewey Thong Sandal
bottom right: Delphine Wedge Sandal

For the past three years, I have fruitlessly searched for the perfect pair of flat sandals. My low success rate is likely due to the fact that I typically wait until mid-July to begin my search, when -- as could be predicted -- everything cute is already sold out in my size. I end up with ill-fitting sandals in impractical colors and patterns that never get worn more than a handful of times. But this year I have vowed to start my search much earlier, because although I might like to pretend that I'm getting away with it, it is just not acceptable to wear Havaianas to work. 


  1. the shoes on the right top and left bottom! I want them <3! I have been looking for sandals like these, but I could not find thé one. I'm going to have a look on the site, hope they deliver in europe to. X

  2. I love all the pairs <3

  3. nice sandals!

  4. Love those sandals!! They are fabulous. I especially love the top left ones.